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Campo del Cielo Meteorite Coin

This is a limited edition coin commemorating the Campo del Cielo meteorite. Only 1000 coins were minted which include a real piece of the meteorite embedded in the crater. These coins are numbered 0001 - 1000. No more of these will ever be made. This is a unique item that appeals to both the novice collector and those who have built world-class meteorite collections alike.
The coin is a Zinc alloy base. Each coin measures two inches in diameter (50mm), 4.5 mm thick and was produced in an antique gold finish.
Attached in a recessed crater on the front of the coin is an authentic specimen of the Campo del Cielo meteorite.
The back of the coin gives basic information on the fall and is sequentially numbered.
I have coins available numbered in the range of 301 through 400.

Specimen ID: campocoin
Description: Meteorite Coin
Diameter: 50 mm (2 inches)
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Price: US-$ 25.--

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